I didn’t expect hawthorn to have this effect to teach you to make healthy hawthorn tea

I didn’t expect hawthorn to have this effect to teach you to make healthy hawthorn tea

We know that hawthorn has an appetizing effect and often comes with a gem when there is no appetite.

But do you know the effects of hawthorn besides appetizing?

You must not think that hawthorn has anti-aging and anti-cancer effects!

Here’s a look at the efficacy of hawthorn and how to make your own hawthorn health tea.

… Hawthorn’s effect Hawthorn acid, tartaric acid, citric acid, malic acid and other organic acids are very rich in hawthorn, which can promote the secretion of gastric juice and increase the function of digestive enzymes.

Hawthorn is rich in “lipase”, which can promote the digestion of trace foods and play a significant role in helping meat digestion and reducing the accumulation of greasy foods.

  If you eat meat, the proportion of amaranth is too high, you can drink a cup of hawthorn tea to help digestion and stagnation.

  Hawthorn contains a variety of vitamins, minerals and flavonoids, which are of great help to human health.

The flavonoids and vitamin C, carotene and other substances contained in hawthorn can interrupt and reduce the generation of free radicals, can enhance the body’s immunity, have anti-aging, anti-cancer effects; the active ingredients in hawthorn have stable blood pressure, adjustBlood lipids, reduce cholesterol, soften blood vessels, increase coronary blood flow.

  Hawthorn tea production method: Hawthorn, tea production process: Wash 30g of hawthorn, slice into a pot, add an appropriate amount of water, boil for 5 minutes, take the juice to serve, and place it frequently on behalf of the tea.

  500 grams of hawthorn, 200 grams of dried lotus leaves, 200 grams of coix seed, 100 grams of licorice.

The above flavors are researched together and divided into 10 packets. Take one packet daily with boiling water and substitute for tea.

  To remind everyone that hawthorn tea is not suitable for some people.

  Hawthorn tea is not suitable for some people. Hawthorn tea is a common diet and health formula, but for people with stomach problems, it should not be taken too much.

The theory of Chinese medicine believes that hawthorn has a strong digestive function, so people with stomach problems should not drink hawthorn tea on an empty stomach, especially patients with hyperacidity, gastritis, gastric ulcers, reflux gastritis, reflux esophagitis.This.

  Want to reduce blood fat by drinking hawthorn tea, not in a short time.

It must be done every day in order to reduce blood lipids and soften blood vessels.

If you add cassia seeds, which can reduce blood pressure, anti-oxidant Polygonum multiflorum in hawthorn tea, the effect will be better.

A daily dose of 25 grams of hawthorn is appropriate.

  Although hawthorn tea is good, it is not suitable for everyone.