Relieves anxiety concerns of adolescent students

Relieves anxiety concerns of adolescent students

While adolescent students are struggling to study, they also face a problem that few people have previously touched on: sexual depression.

A recent survey by the Guangdong Institute of Family Planning Science and Technology shows that in order to successfully complete their studies, domestic college students and graduate students must set aside sexual problems, and they are generally in a state of sexual depression.

  Coincidentally, a recent report from Hong Kong’s Ming Pao revealed that the problem of sexual depression among older single people is also quite common.

Sex psychologists in this city believe that the society pays proper attention to the sexual problems of adolescent students.

Teach them to masturbate correctly while learning about sexual transfer and sublimation.

  In the youthful period, the student felt depressed that the grandson was a 19-year-old sophomore boy. When he started to ejaculate a few years ago, his mind seemed to be filled with sexual affairs between men and women.

Now after entering college, a subconscious sexual drive often makes him want to stop.

When the night is quiet, there will always be only one attraction where the boys speak in the dormitory: women.

At the same time, they speak various nonsense, gossip, watch naked women on the Internet, and even watch “third-level movies”, hoping that this can ease their sexual depression.

  It is understood that students in high school have generally entered the germination period of sexual consciousness, and undergraduate and graduate students are the most mature periods of sexual desire, but currently they are in the study period. It is unrealistic to get married and various restrictionsTheir sex lives are out of reach.

Therefore, many students have tried to rent a house quietly with their loved ones, sneaking around trying to live a small life.

But this kind of tense cohabitation will aggravate its sexual depression.

  Excessive depression is unfavorable for physiology Professor Zhu Rongshen, an expert in sexual psychology at Tongji University in Shanghai, points out that medical research shows that excessive suppression of sexual desire is not good for people’s physical health.

Therefore, we should not only see the bad effects of sexual indulgence, but also consider the adverse effects of sexual depression, and scientifically regulate the sexual impulses of adolescents.

Due to their inability to understand the different changes that accompany sexual maturity, including physical and psychological changes, lack of education in sexual morality and sexual emotion, they are curious and confused about sexual issues, and are both interested and guilty, Feeling both mysterious and fearful.

The contradiction between the advancement of their biological maturity and the delay of their psychological maturity exacerbates this kind of trouble on sexual issues.

  Professor Zhu believes that for these single students, masturbation is their safest and most convenient way to vent.

For boys, it is advisable to masturbate without feeling tired the next day, pay attention to cleanliness when masturbating, and also pay attention to whether the environment is hidden to cause shock and form a psychological shadow.

For girls, unhygienic masturbation can induce diseases such as cystitis and pyelonephritis. Therefore, girls should avoid direct vaginal stimulation.

  Experts in learning to transfer and sublime emotions believe that adolescent students can make a reasonable release and effective transfer of physiological energy through a variety of reasonable ways such as study, work, cultural and sports activities, and gender exchanges.

There are two main reasons why transfer is good for relieving sexual depression: First, research on sexual mental health shows that, in general, stress and sexual drive are interrelated. The heavier the pressure of life, the lower the sexual drive.

Therefore, it is advantageous to give young people appropriate pressures for study and work to avoid the negative effects of sexual depression.

Second, the love and longing for the opposite sex is a normal manifestation of adolescent sexual psychology. In fact, sexual intercourse is also a way to satisfy sexual desires, and both parties can reduce sexual tension.

Gender communication is also conducive to understanding each other’s “half”, helping to eliminate sexual mystery, and helping each other to learn from each other’s strengths.

It goes without saying that these will also facilitate the smooth progress of love and the future family happiness.

On the contrary, if the relationship with the opposite sex is not handled well, it may often lead to sexual frustration and sexual depression.

  There is also a very real situation, when sexual desire is difficult to vent under the environmental constraints, the person involved can be transformed into another positive, constructive desire to vent in creative activities.

Studies of sexual mental health have shown that the conversion of sexual desire to other desires is not only possible, but also feasible.

Goethe wrote the world-famous “Troubles of Young Witt” with his own broken love as the material when he was in desperate love and was trying to commit suicide. This is an example.

Therefore, sexual sublimation and rehabilitation of adolescents’ sexual desires are transformed into aggressive motivation, becoming a source of work enthusiasm and creativity. It can unify the landforms that meet sexual psychological needs and social public interests, and thus may be the best way to relieve sexual depression.