Four seasons yoga makes you full of flavor

Four seasons yoga makes you full of flavor

Wuyun Yoga Orchid Orchid Tranquility and Physiology In spring, the weather changes from cold to warm, everything recovers, and the season of germination, the organs of the human body are also full of vitality.

At this time, people should have a spring-like vitality, and their spirits must be cheerful, relaxed and happy!

  The Golden Orchid Dance Yoga Orchid Practice System combines the basic laws of human physiology in spring.

Focusing on regulating liver and nourishing blood, combined with professional yoga postures and soothing and pleasant music, it makes the practitioners easily practice and feel comfortable and fresh. It helps to ease and adapt to the spring phase, to improve the system and enhance disease resistance.It can also prevent influenza and skin diseases.

  Summer dance is the most beautiful season in the four seasons. Therefore, the metabolism of the human body is very strong.

The sweltering summer temperatures are susceptible to sultry, drowsiness, and irritability. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent endogenous fire, mainly to regulate the spleen and stomach.

  The Golden Lotus Dance Rhythm Yoga practice system combines the rules that the summer person should nourish the spleen and stomach to strengthen the digestive system, and cooperates with professional yoga postures and soothing and exciting music, digesting but not conducive to the body’s thermal energy, in shaping your slim body.At the same time, to avoid endogenous fire caused by dryness, irritable temper, and refreshing qi, rejuvenate appetizers, and prevent gastrointestinal diseases.

  Dance rhyme yoga chrysanthemum fragrant fragrant sleeves lift temperament Autumn weather began to cool, the heaven and earth yang began to weaken, and the cold and cold air gradually strengthened.

At this time, the respiratory system is vulnerable and becomes fragile; emotions are easily depressed, and at this time you should keep your mind calm and slow down the impact of autumn on the human body.

  Golden Pearl Dance Rhythm Yoga’s Chrysanthemum Practicing System combines autumn people to adapt to the dry climate by nourishing their lungs and strengthening their breathing system. It also cooperates with professional yoga postures and quiet and soothing music to improve mood.Pleasure is full of vitality and enhances inner temperament.

At the same time, the practice of dance rhyme chrysanthemum also improves the disorder caused by the normal balance of the body after the nervous system is stimulated, and at the same time, it can also cause the skin dryness and hair replacement caused by dry climate.

  Dance rhyme and plum blossoms are beautiful and fragrant, and everything is withered in winter, and the yang is weak.

Excessive yin makes the body’s metabolism fall into a slow level, the mood will be low, and kidney qi will be easily damaged.

  The Golden Pearl Dance Rhythmic Yoga Plum Practice System combines the health regimen of winter. With professional yoga postures and easy-to-please yoga music, people can adjust their emotions and cultivate emotions during the practice.

At the same time, it can enhance kidney function, store essence, regulate the body’s water-liquid metabolism, and alleviate the shortcomings caused by changes in nature.