Learn Liang Yongqi to quench skin thirst with mineral water

Learn Liang Yongqi to quench skin thirst with mineral water

Anyone who has seen Liang Yongqi will marvel at her aquatic skin and clear and fair complexion.

GiGi himself said that the most important and simple daily skin care products of the day are mineral water.

Because pure natural mineral water is mixed with metasilicic acid, while replenishing moisture to the skin, metasilicic acid is fully absorbed, thereby increasing skin elasticity, accelerating melanin precipitation and increasing skin brightness.

Let’s take a look at DIY mineral water moisturizing skin care!

  Mineral water + Tremella + pearl powder material: 30 grams of Tremella, 5 grams of pearl powder, a small amount of mineral water.

  Efficacy: Whitens the eye skin, enhances the elasticity of the eye skin, and eliminates dark circles.

  Production method: 1 put the white fungus into the pot, add a small amount of mineral water, and cook slowly over low heat until boiled into a thick sauce.

  2 Add pearl powder and stir well. After cooling, add it to the bottle and add it to the refrigerator to freeze.

  How to use: Apply 4 drops at a time to the corners of the eyes and around the eyes.

  Preservation method: Put it in a bottle and put it in the freezer, and use it within 2 weeks.

  Mineral water + seaweed powder + glycerin effect: seaweed powder is very effective for rough skin, it can not only add water, but also reduce irritation, eliminate elimination, and do it twice a week, the effect is very obvious.

  Production method: 1 Put 1/3 spoon of seaweed powder and 1 spoon of glycerin into mineral water and stir.

  2 Use a cotton pad to apply it to the face.

  After 320 minutes, wash with warm water and apply cream.

  Mineral water + compressed facial mask + vitamin C material: one compressed facial mask, one small bowl of mineral water, and appropriate amount of vitamin C.

  Efficacy: Suitable for people with “acne family” or shiny faces, long-term adherence, can use the effect of moisturizing the skin to prevent the occurrence of acne.

  Production method: mash the vitamin C, pour it into mineral water to dissolve it, and then introduce the compressed mask into the mineral water. After the mask is soaked, apply it on the face for three to five minutes.

  Tip: Wash this mask well, because vitamin C may not completely melt. If it remains on the face, the skin will turn yellow, so do n’t forget to wash it off after using it.