Distance is a friend’s oxygen

Distance is a friend’s oxygen

Two people are like two railroad tracks.

Something psychic and emotional is irreplaceable, and initially the two railroad tracks cannot intersect.

Heart palpitations are completely open, and it is easy to catch colds.

Revealing the secrets of the heart to the wicked will become a handle in his hands.

Revealing a good person will become a spiritual burden on him, because it is your responsibility to keep your mouth open.

Therefore, a mature person will not ask for trouble or embarrass others.

When traveling, we take photos at a certain spot, always use the door sign as the background, and do everything possible to highlight its characteristics.

This is to shorten the distance and show the connection between us and that attraction.

If the attraction is right in front of our house, we ignore the door markings and ignore the highlights.

This is to push the distance far away. If you are too familiar with it, the aesthetic angle will change.

This is the picture, the interpersonal communication is such a proper distance, and it is the oxygen needed by the mind.

Without oxygen, the mind is choking.

Aristotle said, “My friends, there are no friends in the world.

When saying this, the sage’s mind must be deficient in oxygen.