10 minute yoga warm up method

10 minute yoga warm up method

We all know that you need to warm up before exercising, and you also need to warm up to practice yoga.

Today, I will introduce to you a simple set of yoga warm-up exercises, which only takes a few minutes. You need to take a deep breath before each action, and at the same time, you must breathe smoothly to achieve subsequent progress.

  Yoga Warm-up Actions One of the yoga warm-up actions is to turn your head, lower your head when exhaling, stretch your muscles, and bring your chin close to your chest.

When inhaling, turn your head clockwise from the right and then return to the starting position.

Then look up and adjust your breathing.

Inhale again, tilt your head back, stretch your jaw muscles, and turn your head counterclockwise from the top when exhaling.

When you turn your head, you need to know how to control, especially when trying to stretch left, right, and stay briefly.

  Yoga warm-up exercise 2 is to turn your body, narrow your legs apart, shoulder width, slightly arched, straighten your back, your hands drooping, and do n’t keep your wrists firm.

When you inhale, shake your arm, your upper body starts to turn to the left, and then to the right to keep breathing evenly.

Stand on both feet, with the spine as the axis, and maintain rhythm.

Yoga warm-up action 3 is to relax the lumbar joints and pelvis.

In a seated position, place your feet on opposite sides, separate them and place your hands on your knees.

When exhaling, insert blood pressure with both hands, keep the rhythm when pressing, and consciously tell yourself that the exhaust gas in your body has been exhausted by Dan Tian.

  Yoga warm-up movement four can relax a bit, waist, length, ankle.

Open your legs as much as possible in the sitting position, and support your upper body from the back with both hands behind the arched legs.

Exhale with your legs tilted to the right.

Inhale and return to your home position. When exhaling, your legs lean to the left.

Keep the front end still and take turns practicing left and right.

Many friends start to practice yoga and will find a lot of movements that are difficult to do.

The reason is actually too little exercise, as long as you practice more, you can slowly adapt.

  The charm of practicing yoga is that it can bring physiological changes to the practitioners, so that the practitioners can experience progress and growth in the process and guide themselves forward.

However, everything needs to be sustained.

Good warm-up movements can form the foundation effect of formal exercise.