Overcome the four major problems of the lip and regain the pink tricks_1

Overcome the four major problems in the lips

Want to have hydrating lips all year round?

There are many pitfalls in the process of caring for our lips, and accidentally it will hurt our delicate lips.

The following is an inventory of everyone’s prone lips errors, and see if you make a few of them.

  Autumn lip care must not be underestimated, so carefully follow the steps and do your own lip care to achieve delicate lips.

  The moisturizing ingredients drive away the dryness problem. There is no subcutaneous gland on the lips, so it will not secrete water and oil by itself.

As the weather is dry or not hydrated, a “dry” alert will begin to appear on the lips.

  Lips are just as important as our facial, eye, hand and foot care.

The skin on our lips is inherently fragile, and our skin is always exposed, which requires more careful care.


Use a hot towel for 10-20 minutes-apply a light towel for 10-20 minutes to allow blood circulation to flow more smoothly.

Of course, lips will become more rosy.

  2 Kiehl’s No. 1 Lip Balm Reference Price: RMB 78 celebrity signature products, rich moisturizing ingredients can maintain the lip length and moisturization, and can also perform deep repair at the same time, killing two birds with one stone.

  3Mary Kaiser Ting exfoliating lip mask Reference price: RMB 75 It contains fine particles that gently remove old dead keratinocytes that cause dullness on the lip surface, allowing lips to quickly return to slanting, delicate and soft; also contains green tea extract and vitamin CEDerivatives with anti-oxidant effect; Contains vitamin A derivatives to help skin resist aging and firm lips muscles to maintain elasticity.

  Doubly nourishing and removing lip wrinkles, the cosmetics left on the lips will erode our delicate lips, and the metabolism of the lip skin makes us lose all our previous maintenance work.

  Use Makeup Remover 1 to pour the makeup remover special for long-lasting lipsticks on the cotton pad, completely moisten the cotton pad, and gently put on lips for a few seconds.

  Use a cotton swab to carefully remove the lips 2 Use the strength of the lips to pull the lips away from the left and right sides. If it still remains, you can dipped the cotton swab into the lip makeup remover and wipe it off carefully.

  3 Helena ALL MASCARAS Quick Eye and Lip Makeup Remover is specially designed for removing eye and lip makeup. It is refreshing and non-greasy. It can easily and completely remove long-lasting and waterproof lip and eye makeup.

Shake well before use, apply a cotton pad on the lips and wipe gently, then wash with water.

  4 Revlon Active Moisture Lip Gloss Repair Lipstick Reference Price: RMB 88 contains vitamin E, which effectively eliminates free radicals on the lips skin, increases lip skin elasticity, and slows down the generation of wrinkles on the lips. It contains lecithin and forms on the lips likeSilk-like double-layer gel film, which can maintain the humidity of the lip skin for a long time; it is rich in moisture and nourishing ingredients, effectively softens the lip skin, helps to repair lip dryness, prevent lip peeling, adjust lip skin tissue, and improve color, Lips instantly soft and touching.

  5 Sofina AUBE Seaweed Lip Balm Honey Reference Price: RMB 155 When you touch the lips, you can moisturize it. It is extracted from plants such as olive essence and German chamomile to deeply moisturize the damaged lips and quickly restore vitality and gloss.

  Sunscreen lipstick removes dullness. The skin of the lips is not protected by pigments, and the color is darker than the skin on other parts. Therefore, it is the easiest to absorb ultraviolet rays.

The surface of the lips is actually a mucosal epithelium with few layers of cells, and the ability to protect itself and protect against external damage is very poor. Under long-term ultraviolet radiation, the lips are dim.

  Use once a day or sometimes a lip balm with SPF15 sun protection factor.

When purchasing lipstick, you must clearly distinguish the SPF value or PA value on the product. If it is only a product that is vaguely printed with “UV” or that says “resistance to UV rays”, say SAY NO firmly.

  Lip care 1 Lip care is an essential part of our daily care. Doing “lip mask or lip scrub treatment once a week can effectively remove old dead skin cells, accelerate metabolism, and make lips healthier.moist.

  2 ESTEE LAUDER perfect sunscreen SPF15 reference price: RMB250 exclusive moisturizing formula can not only prevent lips from cracking, more continuous lipstick color persistence, the amount of sun protection factor of the foot, but also delay the pace of aging of the lips.

  3 Ettusais Lip Balm Essence SPF18 PA ++ Reference Price: RMB 399 blocks UV rays and dryness from the lips, giving you plumper lips.